Regional Events

Join us at one of our four TCO19 Regional Events! These events include live challenges for attendees, networking opportunities, and Topcoder member and admin meet and greets. Plus free t-shirts, food, and prizes!

New And Improved Regional Events

We are excited to announce our TCO19 Regional Events! This year, we have an all new plan for these events to provide the ultimate opportunity for the most amount of members.

The top things you need to know:

  • We will be traveling to China, India, South America, and Japan

  • Each event will include a development, design, and data science challenge; plus prizes for each

  • These exclusive events are invite only meaning you have to win a ticket to attend (see more below)

  • We are offering up travel prize money so you can have the chance to win a trip to any regional you want

Qualifying for a Regional Event

Each regional event is open to every community member so no matter where you live, you can go to whatever regional you want! All you have to do is participate in stage 3 of TCO19

We will be giving away tickets to the following members:

  • Tickets to folks in the region of the event based on performance in stage 3 of TCO19

  • Tickets and travel prize money the top two on the leaderboard of stage 3 for each competition track who have yet to win a trip to the TCO19 Finals

Newbie at Topcoder? Here is what you need to know:

UI Design Competition for TCO19Find UI Design Challenges
Development Competition for TCO19Find Development Challenges
F2F Competition for TCO19Find F2F Challenges
QA Competition for TCO19Find QA Challenges
Algorithm Competition for TCO19Find Algorithm Competitions
Marathon Competition for TCO19Find Marathon Competitions

Which Regional Do You Want to Attend?

Which regional(s) are you most excited about? Click on one or more of our regional events and subscribe to learn more about them when the time comes. It will also help us determine which one you want to attend!

Coming Soon

The TCO19 Regional Events will take place May - August 2019. Final dates and locations will be determined as soon as possible.

Questions? Go here.

All of the above is subject to change with or without notice.