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Alexander Volkov

What is the most interesting challenge you competed on at Topcoder and why?
The set of challenges for Xfinity because it improved my skills.

What is your most memorable Topcoder challenge this TCO19 qualification and why?
Vehicle Routing Problem. It was the first Data Science challenge for me, and I took 2nd place.

Who do you think is the most fierce or talented coder at Topcoder and why?
Jiangliwu this year. He took 1st places in all stages.

What is the programming language you most relate to and why?
Swift, because it’s perfect.

What do you do when not working?
Building a house.

Where do you work? Tell us about your space(s).

If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Do sports!

What kind of music do you listen to while working on your solutions?
Armin van Buuren.

What is the dream project you want to build, design, or solve for?
To work for Apple to improve iOS.

What’s the best tip or piece of advice you can share with other members at Topcoder?
Don’t give up.

What does Topcoder mean to you?
It’s a full-time job.

What are you most excited about for this year’s TCO Finals?
TCO is always exciting. The Dev finals are unpredictable and interesting. I’m always excited for the opportunity to win and take place in the history of TCO.

Do you strive to be at TCO every year and if so, why does it matter to you?
Yes, because every time (except TCO19) it takes place in a new state/city. I love traveling to new places.

What was your secret to getting a ticket for the TCO finals more than once?
No secret.