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Kento Nikaido

About Kento Nikaido
I’m a cat and eat cards (see YetAnotherCardGame).

What’s your favorite thing about competitive programming?
It requires new ideas and various approaches to problems.

How did you start out in competitive programming?
I participated in Japanese qualification for IOI during my first grade of junior high school.

What is your most memorable SRM and why?
SRM555, my first writing problem, there was a Japanese onsite event. Also SRM690, my first win. I participated in this one from a hotel in Matsue.

What’s your favorite Topcoder SRM problem and why?
This is a difficult question because there are so many good problems. FoxAndGo3 (SRM597 Medium) is the one of the most memorable problems because I became red in this SRM and I play Go well.

Who do you think is the most fierce or talented coder at Topcoder and why?
ACRush, his highest is over 3900, it’s unbelievable. I also admire rng_58, Petr, [[iwi]], and more.

What do you do when not working?
I write funny programs and generate funny things.

Where do you work? Tell us about your space(s).
I work on the Earth. In my space, there is Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Same as yours. ;-)

If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?
“Don’t give any advice because it causes a time paradox!”

What kind of music do you listen to while working on your solutions?
Alternative rock.

What is the dream project you want to build, design, or solve for?
I’ll create something that entertains myself and (I hope) also somebody else.

What are you most excited about for this year’s TCO Finals?
Competing with legendary Topcoders.

Do you strive to be at TCO every year and if so, why does it matter to you?
Yes. I became a finalist of FHC and GCJ so my last target was to become a TCO finalist.

What was your secret to getting a ticket for the TCO finals more than once?
I got a ticket for the TCO as a guest the first time, as a problem writer the second time, and as a competitor this time (I’m so glad). I don’t have any secret for it.