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Surya Prakash Singh

What does your design process generally look like?
I read the specs multiple times until I understand it thoroughly while simultaneously designing the overview of the content and the layout in my mind.

What is your most memorable Topcoder design challenge during this TCO19 qualification and why?
It was the IFA Challenge for the entire user and admin journey. I won all 4 challenges.

Who do you think is the most fierce or talented designer at Topcoder and why?
The King TONG sir. He has a great understanding of design principals. He has a strategic plan behind every small thing he does with his designs. I love to learn from him, he has been my mentor from quite a long time now (this was a secret, but I’m revealing now).

What design software and hardware do you use and why?
I use Adobe XD, Illustrator, and sometimes Photoshop. But, I also continue to explore other tools such as Figma and Invision, just for the sake of interest. I’m currently using a high spec laptop but will soon be switching to a Macbook.

What do you do when not working?
When I’m not working, I read a lot of articles/blogs to improve my UX Skills. Apart from that, I love cooking, playing games, and watching movies.

Where do you work? Tell us about your space(s).
I work from home. Soon this year, I am going to build a separate home office.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Evaluate yourself and learn from your own mistakes. Compete with yourself and not with others (when I first joined Topcoder, I was scared to take part in challenges for fear that I would never win, before even trying). Always help others if you can.

What kind of music do you listen to while working on your solutions?
I don’t have a particular choice, it is random. But, if I find music/songs that are awesome, I play them on repeat while working.

What is the dream project you want to build, design, or solve for?
I want to build my own lab with all the cool things.

What’s the best tip or piece of advice you can share with other members at Topcoder?
Learn from the mistakes that you make in every submission. If possible, compare your work to real-world applications and then improve what you did wrong. MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep submitting.

What does Topcoder mean to you?
It’s the best thing that has happened to me in my life yet. Topcoder is now molding my family and I’s future. I was able to financially support my family during college, which was only possible due to Topcoder.

How does it feel to be a first time TCO Finalist?
I still can’t believe I made it!

What are you most looking forward to at your first-ever TCO Finals?
To meet all the great minds from all over the world.

Did you strive to make it TCO this year and if so, why does it matter to you?
Since last year I’ve worked so many nights without sleep! It was all worth it.