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Nobuaki Tanaka

About Nobuaki Tanaka
I learned computer science through competitive programming.

What is your most memorable Marathon Match and why?
TCO12 Final, which was my first TCO final competition. I spent those hours more concentrated than ever.

What’s your favorite Topcoder Marathon Match problem and why?
MM48, my first Marathon competition. It had a very complex and interesting structure with many ways to approach.

Who do you think is the most fierce or talented coder at Topcoder and why?
Psyho. 6 wins at the TCO final is outstanding.

What do you do when not working?
When I’m not working, I go for runs.

Where do you work? Tell us about your space(s).
There is a green tetrahedra doll on my desk.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Programming is fun. Find it early!

What kind of music do you listen to while working on your solutions?
I don’t listen to music while coding.

What’s the best tip or piece of advice you can share with other members at Topcoder?
Proper sleep is important.

What does Topcoder mean to you?
Topcoder is the gate to the world.

What are you most excited about for this year’s TCO Finals?
I am excited for the competition itself.

Do you strive to be at TCO every year and if so, why does it matter to you?
When there is an interesting competition, I can’t stop doing my best.

What was your secret to getting a ticket for the TCO finals more than once?
The secret is to keep competing.

What’s the one question and answer you wished we would have asked you, but didn’t?
Question: What’s your favorite type of problem?
Answer: Interactive, ad-hoc, not typical problems.